Pamela Tolbert urinates on herself while robbing bartender, beating him with pool cue

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The Pamela Tolbert affidavit in support of a warrantless arrest provides quite a compelling narrative.

Last January, Lakewood police officers arrived at the Cordial Lounge in response to a panic alarm to find some not especially cordial activities underway. Specifically, three people were fighting: the Cordial bartender, plus Tolbert, 34, and Portugal, 38.

In a subsequent interview with officers, Tolbert said the trouble started after the bartender had announced last call. While checking to see if she and Portugal, her boyfriend, wanted one more round, the bartender made "an unsolicited sexual remark to her, which she could not specifically remember," she claimed in the document. Tolbert maintained that she called the bartender a "fucking asshole." Then, after the bartender allegedly "struck her once or twice on the right side of her head with his closed left fist," Portugal tackled the man, prompting a full-on bar brawl, complete with Tolbert whacking the bartender with a stool and a pool cue, the document states.

Oh yeah: An officer noticed that Tolbert's pants were wet. She admitted that she pissed herself, insisting that she has a bladder issue.

A bigger problem? The Cordial's surveillance video, which told a completely different tale. In it, the bartender could be seen counting money at the cash register when Tolbert came up from behind and attacked him, according to the affidavit. She struck him and also held a knife to his throat, eventually taking cash from the register that was located in her dampened pants. As noted in the narrative, a melee followed in which Portugal punched the bartender while Tolbert clobbered him with a pool cue until the bartender managed to take the stick away from her -- at which point she got another one and started in on him again.

Page down for a potpourri of additional information, including two images from the surveillance camera, mug shots of Tolbert and Portugal, the entire affidavit, and a release from the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office, which provides one additional factoid: Tolbert's conviction was her sixth of the felony variety -- and she was on parole at the time of the assault.

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