Peeps trial: Carol Burdick told "one person's artwork is another person's mess"

At last, the moment has arrived. At this writing, the trial of Carol Burdick, who says she was evicted from her apartment for putting a Peeps display over her door to celebrate Easter 2009, is underway.

The tension is unbearable -- especially for Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert, who's covered this case not once but twice (and doesn't like bears).

The place to learn the latest is the Boulder Daily Camera, which is live blogging the proceedings. Really.

As of now, the opening arguments have been made, with Burdick's attorney, John Pineau, declaring that AIMCO, the owner of her apartment building, "used the threat of eviction to change the lease with its tenant, and by doing so, the lease disappeared," and AIMCO lawyer Jon Sands asserting that the case is "really not about religion or faith or principle or Easter or Peeps. This is a case about a tenant who didn't pay her rent."

Sands acknowledged that Burdick's lease didn't prohibit decorations in the spot where she made her marshmallowy artistic statement, but he maintained that "there are limitations... One person's artwork is another person's mess."

Can't wait 'til Peeps expert witness Andrew Novick gets a chance to refute that statement...

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