Pelosi appearance: Free (and often stupid) speech lives

Just because speech is free in America doesn't mean it's always enlightening. That truth comes through loud and clear from the video above, assembled by Fireside Productions during Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's visit yesterday to the Stout Street Clinic, 2100 Broadway -- an effort by Democratic powerhouses to promote pending healthcare legislation. Among the enlightened remarks was this one, shouted by a reform opponent: "It's true! The government will choose to kill people instead of saving their lives!" Then again, props to another member of the anti-Pelosi crowd for rocking a sign referencing Soylent Green. They're making our food out of people!

Below, find more videos, including a shaky cam look at Pelosi and local rep Diana DeGette at the podium (with Jared Polis standing alongside, looking pretty pleased with himself), a very boisterous chat with a member of Rush Limbaugh's army, and a teen teabagger who advises anyone in favor of the bill to move to Canada. That's tellin' 'em, junior!

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