Peter Boyles reportedly out at KHOW after incident with producer

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Westword placed multiple calls to Boyles yesterday, as well as another one this morning. Thus far, we haven't received a response. When we do, we'll update.

In the meantime, however, 9News announced last night that Boyles is no longer with KHOW. Included is a quote from KHOW program director Dan Mandis, who confirmed that Clear Channel and Boyles have parted company.

We left a message for Mandis, too, and moments ago (update), he shared the brief official Clear Channel statement. It reads: "Peter Boyles is no longer with the company. The KHOW morning show will continue to provide quality news talk programming and serve our loyal listeners."

On the topic of a successor for Boyles, Mandis says, "We have fill-in hosts right now, and it will be fill-in-host du jour while the search begins." He adds, "This is important, and we're going to take our time. We have a lot of talented hosts here in this city and elsewhere. We'll keep looking until we find the right person."

It's appropriate that 9News would break this news, since station personnel were on hand when the happening that sealed Boyles's fate took place.

About 8 a.m. on the 23rd, as we've reported, a TV crew was in the studio to witness former Congressman Tom Tancredo announce that he's running for governor when Boyles and producer Greg Hollenback got into a high-volume disagreement.

Afterward, Hollenback had red marks on his neck. Sources tell us they were caused by Boyles yanking the producer toward him by a lanyard. In response to this action, Hollenback is said to have thrown his hat at Boyles.

The program continued after that, but the dust-up was subsequently reported to KHOW management, with overseers from Clear Channel, the station's corporate owner, getting involved that same day. Since then, fill-in hosts -- most often the Independence Institute's Jon Caldara, whose evening KOA show was axed in a cost-cutting move circa January 2012 -- have been heard during Boyles's time slot. But the station didn't address the Boyles situation on the air.

This morning's program isn't devoted to Boyles, either. Moments ago, Caldara, who's behind the microphone again, was talking about U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's blistering dissent in a DNA ruling, not the subject that's no doubt on many listener's minds.

KHOW's Facebook page has also avoided l'affaire Boyles. But plenty of listeners haven't.

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