Peyton Manning signing Black Monday for Tim Tebow fans, says Dan Caplis

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In Caplis's view, "Tebow brings to the field something nobody else can right now. He's not only performing at a higher level than most of the great quarterbacks in NFL history at this point in their career, but he brings the promise and potential of fifteen more years of this. And that's unique. Denver's already won Super Bowls, but I thought the point was to become a dynasty -- and Tebow gives us the potential to become a dynasty. No matter how great Peyton Manning is, he's at the tail end of a great career, and he doesn't offer that potential."

Nonetheless, the Broncos have committed to Manning and are reportedly planning to trade Tebow at the earliest opportunity, much to Caplis's chagrin. His radio partner, Craig Silverman, argues that if you love Tebow, set him free -- meaning it's kinder to give him a chance to start for another team rather than force him to sit on the bench and watch Manning. Caplis, though, sees things another way.

"If the organization's goal is to win, then the only rational thing to do is keep Tebow," he says. "He is off to one of the best starts in NFL history and has a tremendous future in front of him. Where are you going to find a backup who gives you a better chance to win if Manning gets hurt? And Tebow could emerge from this unnecessary apprenticeship in a stronger position, and with a stronger team. The Broncos are likely to build up the team for Manning in a way they weren't doing for Tebow, so that would mean Tebow would end up with a better team afterward."

What about team dynamics? Wouldn't the continuing presence of Tebow breed division especially among his most loyal fans?

"I think there's a legitimate concern that with Tebow here, and his proven performance on the field, that if and when the Broncos start to falter with Manning, people are going to want Tebow back on the field," he says. "Last year, the Broncos told us the best way to win was with Kyle Orton, and our show and the fans said, 'No. Tebow gives us the best chance to win.' And we were proven right. And if it's all about winning, wouldn't you want to keep the best talent you could and not worry so much about everybody's feelings?"

As for his own emotions, Caplis is confident he'll be able to rein them in should Tebow be sent packing.

"If the Broncos are truly going to throw away a fifteen-year future with Tim Tebow, that's going to be very sad and I'm not going to forget it," he concedes. "But I am a positive guy and I love the Broncos. I've probably missed seeing ten Broncos games on TV in the past 35 years -- ten max. So I'm going to be positive about this and root for the team, and for Manning's success. And I know Tebow is going to be successful wherever he goes."

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