Photos: Anti-marijuana propaganda -- a vintage guide to reefer madness

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"Marijuana -- The Black Devil Weed" There's something awesomely campy about this joint-toking devil holding a busty broad by the waist. This is one of my all-time favorites and one I've been looking for as an addition to my own personal artwork collection. Hemp for Victory Cannabis propaganda of another kind: a pro-cultivation message about then-legal hemp in the name of supporting U.S. troops in World War II. Of course, the majority of people at this time didn't associate harmless hemp with "tobacco negro del Diablo". "Assassin of Youth" The corruption of kids is a constant theme in a lot of these fliers, pulp books and movie posters, though not always as blatantly as the one above from the Narcotic Educational Foundation of America. It's more of a poster for identifying marijuana growing illegally, so people could more-easily narc on their neighbors. Continue to more of our vintage guide to anti-marijuana propaganda and reefer madness.
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