Photos: Anti-marijuana propaganda -- a vintage guide to reefer madness

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Beware! Here's a poster from the early 1970s, warning everyone to look out for "friendly strangers" handing out harmless-looking doobies that could lead to you going crazy, murdering someone and then committing suicide. And beware, these shady dealers might put the loco weed in your coffee or cigarettes without you knowing simply to get you hooked. The Devil's Weed The cover of this pulp novel promises to "rip the veil of secrecy from marihuana smokers", whatever that means. The subject, Lila Leeds, was one of three people arrested in Hollywood in 1948 as part of the city's first big drug scandal. That said, you've got to think that it had the unintended consequences of actually turning people on to cannabis. After all, the blonde Lila Leeds was quite the knockout in her time. Devil's Harvest In case you haven't noticed, linking marijuana directly to Satan himself is a running theme in anti-marijuana propaganda. This poster, from a 1942 film, promises tales of "degradation, vice, insanity and debauchery." The movie starred baby-faced June Doyle, who no doubt scared plenty of parents into locking their daughters up at night. Continue to more of our vintage guide to anti-marijuana propaganda and reefer madness.
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