Photos: Best hair on Denver TV personalities, just for men edition -- the reigning top five

Best of Denver 2013 is only days away -- which means winners from last year don't have much longer to bask in the knowledge that they're at the top of our personal roster. We've already shared our picks for the ten funniest Best of Denver awards from 2012, as well as the Best Hair on a Denver TV personality top ten, female edition. Now, it's the guys' turn. Our Nick Lucchesi picked his five favorites leading up to the champ. See photos and his reasons for loving their locks below. 5. Jeremy Hubbard, KWGN Anchor Jeremy Hubbard -- winner of this year's award for Best TV Anchor -- has hair that's a thick helping of news. 4. Don Champion, reporter for 7 News Don Champion not only has the coolest name of any Denver TV personality, but his hair isn't bad, either It says one thing to the viewer: "I was so busy hustling on a story that I didn't have time to sit in front of my mirror for fifteen minutes fixing my hair. Now here's a story that will blow your mind, Denver. And my hair looks great anyway." 3. Marc Stewart, reporter for 7 News Not a hair out of place for Marc Stewart, reporter for 7 News. Coupled with his thoughtful yet intense gaze, Stewart's hair is a perfect compliment to the scoops he delivers. Continue for the top two in our Best Hair on Denver TV personalities category, just for men edition. 2. Mark Koebrich, 9 News anchor The well-coiffed hair of Mark Koebrich is a throwbrack to when a man's hair meant something -- luxuriuous yet neat and with just the right amount of gray. You can trust Koebrich. Just look at this haircut. 1. Ron Zappolo, anchor for Fox 31 Ron Zappolo may have his own "People" on his Sunday-night talk show, but the Fox 31 anchor's mustache belongs to all of us. From beneath that lip sweater comes the most important news of the day, and his 'stache/silver tousle-combo gives big stories the appropriate level of gravity. Zappolo has been a fixture on local TV for decades, delivering the news with hair that demands your attention. And respect.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.