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Minneapolis Through the Public Works Department in Minneapolis, the city has developed an "ambassador program," described on a city website like this:
The Bike Walk Ambassador Program provides education and outreach to places of work, schools, higher education institutions, and neighborhoods. We provide services to encourage people to bike more, walk more, and drive less.
More specifically, that program focuses on youth education, higher education outreach, workplace outreach and bicycle and pedestrian planning and technical assistance. Chicago Chicago also has a similar Bicycling Ambassadors efforts, with a bike-safety and public-awareness outreach team that attends city events. Here's how the group describes itself:
Ambassadors attend events year round, especially between April and October, talking to Chicagoans about bicycling. Ambassador events include: outreach at music festivals in Grant Park, neighborhood health fairs, block parties, and farmers markets. Ambassadors also give bicycle safety demonstrations at day camps, libraries, and schools, as well as bike to work presentations for area businesses.
Additionally, Chicago has a "Share the Road" campaign, which consists of "targeted roadside outreach" that includes efforts to encourage specific behavioral changes:
• Stopping cyclists who run traffic lights and stop signs and educating them about bicycle laws

• Taking positions at high-traffic zones encouraging cyclists to not ride on sidewalks

• Stopping cyclists who are riding without a white front headlight and providing them with one

• Educating motorists about safe driving around cyclists and pedestrians

The group has more images of the campaign, like this one, available on Flickr.

Continue for more campaigns and commentary from Denver's Department of Safety.
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