Photos: Broncos' five best -- and five worst -- draft picks of all-time

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Fourth Worst Pick of All-Time: Tommy Maddox Maddox, out of UCLA, was chosen in the first round of the 1992 draft mostly as a way for then-head coach Dan Reeves to show how mad he was at John Elway. But Elway was nowhere near done with his career, as he would prove to glorious effect over the next several years, leaving Maddox nothing to do but collect dust. Hence, the draft choice was a colossal gaffe for all involved -- and while Maddox subsequently had a pretty decent stint with the Steelers, as seen in this photo, he was a waste of space in Denver. Fourth Best Pick of All-Time: Tom Nalen Nalen was the opposite of heralded in advance of the 1994 draft, which explains why he was still around in the seventh round for the Broncos to nab. But the center anchored the line for well over a decade, during a period when Denver seemingly could get anyone who was ambulatory 1,000 yards in a season. He also went to five Pro Bowls and was the 2003 offensive lineman of the year -- not to mention a guy with a really great hairstyle. Continue to keep counting down the Broncos' five best and five worst draft of all-time.
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