Photos: Broncos' five best -- and five worst -- draft picks of all-time

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Second Worst Pick of All-Time: Jarvis Moss Moss was a first round pick out of Florida (Tim Tebow's alma mater) in 2007, and he was supposed to return the Broncos' pass rush to its former status as one of the most feared units in football. Instead, he made no impact when he was healthy, which wasn't all that often, and his attitude appeared to get progressively worse during his time with the team. A big -- make that really big -- bust. Second Best Pick of All-Time: John Elway These kinds of lists tend to spotlight great players chosen in lower rounds -- and Elway certainly doesn't qualify under that criteria, since he was the overall first pick in the 1983 draft, obtained from Baltimore.

By the way, we should have mentioned originally that Elway's inclusion here is a bit of a stretch, but not a big one. In the trade with the Colts, with whom Elway refused to play (and never did), the Broncos gave up their number one pick in 1983 (Chris Hinton) and their number one pick the next year (it'd turn into Ron Solt), plus quarterback Mark Hermann. Sorry for the oversight.

Still, Elway is an undeniable example of money (and draft picks) well spent, bringing Denver to five Super Bowls and winning two, as well as providing fans with very good-to-excellent football for sixteen years. And now, as an executive, he's returned the Broncos to prominence. That's a bargain any way you slice it.

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