Photos: Colorado people of Walmart (including Mrs. Dog) strike back!

Our 2010 collection of Colorado photos from the wacky website People of Walmart featured none other than Dog the Bounty Hunter. For our 2011 gallery, the Dog family took some time off. But this year, none other than Mrs. Dog represents, along with plenty of other highly photogenic subjects. Check out the latest assemblage of weirdness below. The site places this photo under the heading "A Grimm Tale" -- the theory being that the star of the shot is Rapunzel's trashy sister Jayden. Which demonstrate the brutal prejudices faced by blondes bold enough to display their tramp stamps. Badass truck owners beware. The guy piloting this ride, which features airbrushed representations of Caspar and some of his ghost pals, will scare the shit out of you with friendliness. A spelling error? Doubt it. The word "FLOKS" is actually a variation on "flocks" of the sort Daffy Duck and Tweety Bird regulary join, but shortened for the texting generation. LOL! Page down to meet more Colorado people of Walmart. The photo on the left is the one from Colorado. And while the baby inside the cart doesn't seem to have a lot of room, there's no need for concern. After all, his feet are free to kick out anything that lands on him. This budding musician is getting an early taste of life on the road -- and in the parking lot. There's no junk in this trunk -- just a family affair.

Page down to meet more Colorado people of Walmart.

Halfway to assless chaps.... Hoo-boy! It's getting hot enough to melt this lovely lady. Humpety-hump-hump, look at Frosty go! The POW scribes declare this the "greatest skullet ever" -- and when they're right, they're right.

Page down to meet more Colorado people of Walmart.

One look at this woman's shirt confirms that she understands what Jennifer Aniston's character in Office Space didn't: The more flair, the better. Don't worry, junior. Mrs. Dog the Bounty Hunter doesn't consider you a suspect. Gladiator sandals plus American flag T-shirt = awesome.

Page down to meet more Colorado people of Walmart.

This is the kind of outfit that makes you thirsty just looking at it.... If the checker seen here makes a mistake, this girl will make her pay the old-fashioned way -- with water balloons!

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