Photos: Denver is Strange tumblr's ten most memorable posts

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Number 6: Nobody puts bookkeepers in a corner
Denver sometime in February 1934: A teacher talks to the bookkeeping class he is teaching at Rude Park Community Center. Located at 1285 Decatur, the building is now the Rude Recreation Center, and offers Zumba classes on Tuesdays.
Number 5: How now, brown cloud?
It's an old Denver favorite -- the Brown Cloud! Here it is in January 1967 -- it would get progressively worse through the years, blocking Denverites' view of the mountains and causing respiratory havoc. It was a product of the metro area's propensity to drive and its location at the base of the Rocky Mountains -- temperature inversions caused by the nearby mountain landscape trapped cooler pollutants under warm air, meaning that they couldn't disperse into the atmosphere. Through concerted efforts to reduce air pollution, Denverites breathe much easier now, but the Brown Cloud still occasionally appears on winter days.
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