Photos: Doonesbury's Zonker tries to conquer Colorado pot biz by marketing gay buds

When last we checked in with Zonker Harris, a long-running character in the seminal Doonesbury comic strip, he dreamed of becoming either a local hemp farmer named Kevin Colorado Springs or a respected drug lord in Boulder.

Now, he's in Colorado, but he's got a new professional goal: He and his nephew, Zipper Harris, plan to make their mark on the recreational weed scene by marketing a strain for gay pot smokers. See examples and get the amusing deets below.

The current plot line started on November 25, with Zonker and Zipper pulling into the Woody Creek homestead of Duke, inspired by the late, Colorado-based gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson:

They know they've got to work fast, since recreational pot sales become legal on January 1 -- so they brainstorm about ways to stand out from what they anticipate will be a very large crowd: Shortly thereafter, however, a muddled conversation with a shopkeeper gives Zonker a better idea than taking the artisanal approach: The concept? Gay buds! Zipper's not so sure this notion is a stroke of genius.... ...so Zonker gives him his best sales pitch: Will we be seeing similar marketing a few short weeks from now? Probably -- and not just by comic-strip characters.

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More from our Media archive circa March: "Photos: Doonesbury's Zonker to become hemp farmer, rename himself Kevin Colorado Springs."

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