Photos: Four Nice/Nasty Definitions of the Denver Broncos on Urban Dictionary

How do you define the Denver Broncos? Urban Dictionary is of two minds about the team, which returns from a bye week to face the Arizona Cardinals this weekend: Roughly half the definitions are nice, while an equal number of others are nasty -- and some represent a blend of the two, occasionally via references that are hilariously dated. See what we mean by checking out our meme-illustrated countdown of the nice and the nasty.

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Number 4: Nice Arguably the best Football team in the NFL. Playing in Denver, CO. The only team that is always (since the early 70's) a contender. Team colors are "Navy Blue" and "Orange Crush."

"Did you watch the Broncos ass-slapping the Raiders yesterday?"

Number 4: Nasty Dumbass team who steal players, claim them as them being at the height of the game on their team, but sadly can never make it to the Super Bowl. Losing to the Raiders has become a must for this team.

Billy-Bo: Dude, did you see the 2004 Raiders @ Broncos game?

Bubba-Bob: Yeah...Broncos got school didn't they?

Jake Plummer: Yeah...we sure do suck.

Continue for more nice/nasty definitions of the Denver Broncos on Urban Dictionary. Number 3: Nice The best football team on the planet!

Dude 1: Hey man, did the Broncos win today?

Dude 2: Hell yes, the Broncos are the best team on the planet, how could they not win!

Number 3: Nasty A very hated team with a great history and a constant threat in their division. No matter who is running the ball they are a threat.

Denver Broncos will win their division this year.

Continue for more nice/nasty definitions of the Denver Broncos on Urban Dictionary. Number 2: Nice The greatest team in the NFL with a loyal, passionate fan base. Being a Broncos fan means you never stop showing your support, no matter how much suffering or losses the team puts you through.

The Denver Broncos may never make the playoffs again, but I'm still Denver 'till I die.

God is a Broncos fan, why else are sunsets orange and blue?

Number 2: Nasty A sad remnant of a team who couldn't stand up to the Pittsburgh Steelers with the Super Bowl on the line.

Wow...the Denver Broncos sure got their asses spanked by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Continue for more nice/nasty definitions of the Denver Broncos on Urban Dictionary. Number 1: Nice One of the best football teams ever!!!


*watching the Super Bowl*

Me: Aw...I wanted the Broncos to be in the Super Bowl. =(



Patriots Lover: NO.

Me: The Denver Broncos players shall kill you.

Number 1: Nasty A Football (American) team that will never win a Super Bowl again, because without Elway they are worthless.

Pinches Denver Broncos putos

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