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Photos: From hosurance to ho-ho-hosurance for the Got Insurance? campaign

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Beginning in October, the Got Insurance? campaign, intended to get uinsured millennials to sign up for health care coverage, has generated controversy. Obamacare critics branded the first batch of images "brosurance," because one shot featured a keg stand, while the second was dubbed "hosurance" due to references to birth-control access and Ryan Gosling's "Hey girl" meme. And now, just in time for the holidays, come more drinking and OMG-she's-hot! pics co-starring returning models, accompanied by a message about time to sign up running short.

Here's the keg-stand ad, which even got exposure on Capitol Hill thanks to disapproving Congressman Cory Gardner....

...and here's a new spot, featuring another keg, red Solo cups and the previous keg-stander: Likewise, the couple from one of the ads that garnered "hosurance" gibes.... ...turn up again in a holiday-themed pic -- and they're still warm from each other's forms: The last ad's allusion to the Healthcare.gov website is telling. While pro-Obamacare PR was difficult to notice amid the complaints when the site was down for repair, positive messaging would seem to have a better chance to be heard now that the site seems to be working better. At least that's the hope of the campaign's Adam Fox.

"Both Colorado's website [Connect for Health Colorado] and Healthcare.gov have made improvements," Fox emphasizes. "Colorado's started out much better, but they've been making modifications and improvements to streamline enrollment. So we're really trying to let people who were waiting to try the websites know that now's the time to really get started in the process."

Continue for more new ads, plus more comments from Got Insurance? spokesman Adam Fox. As the ad above demonstrates, the latest part of the campaign emphasizes the holidays -- and the reasons are two-fold. "I think people typically have a little more time around this time of year," Fox allows. "And it's also the shopping season -- and this year, people need to not just be considering shopping for gifts. They also need to consider shopping for health care, as well. And the deadline corresponds pretty closely to the deadline for holiday shopping."

Indeed, people who want their coverage to start January 1 need to be signed up by December 23.

The ads went out so recently that Fox hasn't seen much push-back thus far. Still, he expects "that those who are opposed to Obamacare will criticize them pretty much regardless."

Gripes may also be fueled by the return of the models who'd previously succeeded in getting under the skin of Obamacare haters. "We really wanted to keep the story from the earlier ads going," Fox says. "Some of those images have become so iconic that we felt it was important to have that continuity."

Iconic, indeed: The Got Insurance? website has logged more than 22 million visits, far more than anticipated -- and that's not to mention Facebook shares and retweets.

"Overall, this campaign has gone well beyond any of our expectations," Fox points out. "It's really been exciting to see how much website traffic and social media attention it's gotten."

Here's one more ad from the new batch.

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