Photos: Harry Mapps subject of manhunt after triple-murder/arson

It's been nearly a week since three people were found shot to death in a Pueblo County home that had been set ablaze, presumably to cover up the terrible crimes. Yet the man who's clearly a person of interest for investigators -- Harry Mapps, 59 -- remains at large despite being the subject of a nationwide manhunt.

Mapps was last seen in surveillance footage from a bank, where he cashed one of two $4,000 checks drawn on the account of one homicide victim -- his former employer. Photos, video and details below.

The victims in the case were Richard and Kim Tuttle, ages 51 and 55 respectively, and Dawn Roderick, 33. Thus far, no photos of Richard have surfaced, but here's a shot of Kim, courtesy of KKTV....

...and this is a photo of Dawn with an unidentified child, also from station coverage: The bodies of Kim, Richard and Dawn were found Wednesday morning in the community of Rye, after firefighters were dispatched to the 8200 block of Highway 165. The fire left the home a "shell with a pile of debris," a sheriff's department spokeswoman told KKTV. However, the coroner has determined that the victims in the case died from multiple gunshot wounds despite fire damage to their remains.

Shortly thereafter, law enforcers began seeking out Mapps, a handyman who'd worked for Richard's trucking company and lived at the house, according to the Pueblo Chieftain. Here's one photo of Mapps shared by the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office....

...and another: Perhaps the most telling Mapps image to date, though, is this one, taken by a bank surveillance camera: Authorities cited by KKTV say Mapps visited a Pueblo bank at 8:20 a.m. on the morning of the fire and cashed a $4,000 check drawn from Richard's account, then repeated this act with another check for the same amount at a second bank, this one in La Junta.

Here's another surveillance shot, this one offering a better look at Mapps's van, a blue 2004 Chrysler Town and Country bearing Texas license plate 7FSNK:

No Mapps sightings have been confirmed since his bank visits, and while the warrants against him are for identity theft and forgery, not murder and arson, sheriff's department investigators clearly want to speak to him about the deadly events of last week. He's considered armed, dangerous and likely to have fled the state, although that's conjecture at this point.

Here's a report about the search for Mapps from KRDO-TV.

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