Photos: Missy Franklin dances at Olympic-sized welcome home ceremony

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In honor of the city of Centennial, Mayor Cathy Noon introduced hometown hero Missy Franklin to the crowd. Twelve years ago, when Centennial was first recognized as a city, the soon-to-be famous swimmer was five years old. Now that same Centennial toddler holds four Olympic gold medals and a bronze medal as well as the world record for the 200 meter backstroke.

"Missy inspires everyone to give their best individual effort while working together as a team," Noon praised Missy as the crowd cheered.

Once at the podium, Missy's contagious smile lit up the stage as she did her own dance to "Call Me Maybe," reminiscent of the USA Olympic swim team's version of the song. In her usual bubbly mood, Missy spoke to her family, friends and Colorado.

"I missed you guys so much this summer! Going out and getting the gold is great, but coming home is what really inspires us." Missy started her senior year at Regis Jesuit High School on Thursday after getting her first tattoo -- complete with an Olympic theme.

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Natalie Gonzalez