Photos: Mitt Romney tells 17,000 in Englewood he will win the election

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Another theme: A vote for Romney is not just a vote for "love of country," but it's also a vote for "real change" -- a message underscored by a large sign behind him that read, "REAL CHANGE ON DAY ONE."

Romney said, "Accomplishing change is not just something I talk about. It's something I have done. And it's what I will do when I'm President of the United States."

He later returned to the message of unity, saying, "The best achievements are shared achievements. I learned that respect and goodwill go a long way and are usually returned in kind.... I'll bring people together, doing big things for the common good. I won't just represent one party -- I will represent one nation."

This theory is one Romney's team hopes will resonate with those remaining undecided voters, if they still exist. In Colorado, residents on the fence about their decision are the ones who could make all the difference in a race that is certain to be decided by a very small margin of voters.

"Now, the closing hours of the campaign have a dynamic all of their own, as you can imagine. Many voters have already made up their mind as to who they're going to vote for," he said to loud cheers. "But a lot of others are just putting aside the demands of daily living and they're considering who they're going to vote for and how that vote will affect their life, and the lives of their children and the course of the country that we all love. And so we ask them to look beyond the speeches and the attacks and the ads. Look to the record, the accomplishments, the failures and the judgment, because words are cheap and a record is real -- and it's earned with effort."

Throughout the speech, Romney often told the crowd that he will be elected on Tuesday -- and it was a message reinforced by his wife Ann, who, in her introductory speech, said the same thing she told a Colorado crowd a month earlier.

"We're getting closer and closer. This is getting very excited," Ann Romney said, prompting nonstop cheers of "We want Ann! We want Ann!" until her husband interrupted and said, "You've got her!"

She continued, "We've had such a thrill to be able to go across this country. And now that journey is coming to a close -- but a new journey is about to begin. What a thrill it's gonna be for me, because I know something about Mitt: He does not fail."

Supporter Judy Robertson, 69, of Loveland, said that she is 100 percent confident in her candidate winning.

"I believe in voting for your biblical values and he is doing what the Bible says. He is against abortion. He is against gay marriage.... And God will bless us," said Robertson, who wore a large red, white and blue hat with an elephant on it, along with a Paul Ryan-Mitt Romney pin. "Romney is gonna win -- he is gonna conquer."

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