Photos: Movoto's top 10 things Denverites know to be true

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10. In Denver "haute couture" translates to North Face
You could probably describe the style in Denver as...outdoorsy. If wicks moisture, enhances performance or prevents chafing Denverites want to put it on their bodies. Let's just say they could single-handedly keep the microfleece industry afloat. But to be fair Denverites are a very active people, so all that wicking and chafe resistance comes in handy.
9. In the suburbs you're S.O.L. without an SUV

It's not hard to find a mom in Lululemon yoga pants driving her kids back and forth to soccer practice in her SUV. If you're in the center the city is pretty walkable, but the car is totally necessary when you live in the 'burbs. If you're sticking to downtown, the city's bike sharing program makes it easy to get around, while being green--another thing Denverites can't get enough of.

8. Native Denverite? Never heard of it.

Most people in Denver are transplants, usually from states like Texas or California. But who can blame them? This place has the low taxes Californians want and the cooler weather Texans don't know they want, yet.

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