Photos: Movoto's top thirty reasons to move to Denver

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25. If You Don't Like the Weather, Wait 10 Minutes The weather can change extremely quickly in Denver so you must always be prepared. Besides sunglasses, a long sleeve layer is never a bad thing to have on hand because you never know what will happen. 24. A Bike Rider's Dream The Cherry Creek Bike Path is a 40-mile picturesque route that begins in Downtown Denver and continues into many area suburbs including, Parker, Centennial and Aurora. It's a great way to get to work or just ride for recreation. 23. Denver Zoo Denver's Zoo is a great place to see animals from all over the globe. A unique event that takes place every year is Zoo Light's. Each winter for a few weeks, the grounds are transformed into a beautiful lighted exhibit that is a blast to grab a hot chocolate and meander through. 22. Casa Bonita This gimmicky Denver restaurant makes this list for the unique attractions alone. It is equipped with indoor cliff divers, musicians and an amusement arcade. Casa Bonita was even featured on the cartoon South Park as a primo Mile High tourist destination. Be prepared though, the food is pretty awful. 21. Love Great Modern Comfort Food? Then Steuben's is your kind of place. They serve yummy versions of the stuff we grew up eating, with a foodie twist. The happy hour and brunch are super popular and draw big crowds. Steuben's also has a mobile food truck so folks can get their fix around town. Continue to keep counting down Movoto's thirty reasons to move to Denver.
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