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15. Washington Park Whether you prefer to run around the park or just simply take in the scenery for a picnic, this is great spot to do it all. Weekends are packed with volleyball players, bike riders and there are even two different playgrounds for the kiddos. Plus, young singles have plenty of eye candy during prime time workout hours. 14. Beware of the Street Sweepers If you reside in the city and county of Denver, it would behoove you to learn the street sweeping schedule. Or at least know how to read the street signs when parking your vehicle. From November through April if you don't pay attention you will be forced to battle the parking gods. 13. Denver is a Craft Beer Mecca Although initially known for Coors, the Mile High City has been a huge player in the craft brewery revolution. There are micro breweries located all over Colorado and many within the Denver city limits. You can't go wrong with any of them but I am partial to Great Divide Brewery located in Downtown Denver. They have amazing beer, a brewery tour and a tap room. 12. Money is Made in Denver: Literally Denver's branch of the U.S. Mint first started producing coins in 1906. The general public can swing by, take a tour of the facility and see currency still being made for circulation. 11. RockyGrass Music Festival Summertime in Colorado is laden with amazing music festivals. From bluegrass and blues to rock and roll, there is something for all festivarians. Rockygrass takes place in Lyons, just 45 minutes from Denver at the end of July and is a total blast. Folks can set up camp for the four day festival, play in the grounds and tube the river while rocking out to some tunes. Continue to keep counting down Movoto's thirty reasons to move to Denver.
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