Photos: New looks for new candidates Bob Beauprez and Cory Gardner

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As the U.S. Representative for the fourth congressional district, Cory Gardner covers a lot of territory.

But most of it is rural and conservative.

So conservative that some counties in his general vicinity recently voted to secede from Colorado and launch a new state.

Now that he's going for a statewide seat, he'll need to tread some unfamiliar turf.

If he wants to move up from the House to the Senate, a mountain man look could help him cut into Udall's environmental constituency....

Mountain Man Cory

...or maybe, to dirty up that Howdy Doody image, Gardner should rev up his bad-boy self -- and hit the road as a biker. Talk about vroom service!

Badass Biker Cory Continue to see our makeover suggestions for Bob Beauprez.
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