Photos: Oregon man follows Denver woman's lead, strips naked in airport

In the news business, three similar incidents are considered a trend -- and if that's true, stripping at airports is on the cusp of becoming a thing.

Mere days after a woman took off her clothes at Denver International Airport, a man in Oregon has done the same. But while the woman still hasn't been identified and wasn't arrested, her Pacific Northwest mimic wasn't so lucky.

As you'll recall, the woman in Denver reportedly began disrobing after being told to extinguish her cigarette -- a demand that apparently didn't make her very happy.

Here's a look at Fox31's reproduction of a shot from the incident for which TMZ is said to have ponied up $3,000.

And here's another angle from 7News, with blurs added to the strategically placed bars. Note the WTF expression worn by the security guard nearest her. The woman wasn't charged with a crime. Instead, she was taken to Denver Health for a mental health evaluation.

Did John E. Brennan, age fifty, see her as a role model? Hard to say. But Fox12 in Portland reports that at about 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, the man, who was slated to fly to San Jose on an Alaska Airlines flight, dropped trou -- and everything else -- in the security section of the city's airport. Many folks covered their eyes, but not witness Brian Reilly, who snapped the following pic:

What motivated this response? CNN cites a police report quoting Brennan as saying that he intended the action as a protest of TSA screeners, who he felt were harassing him.

The harassment got legal after that: Brennan has been arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.

Will these allegations dissuade the next person tempted to don a birthday suit rather than simply removing his or her shoes at the conveyor belt? No telling -- but you can bet folks with cell-phone cameras will be at the ready in case someone does.

Look below to see the original Fox31 report about the Denver woman, followed by shaky-cam footage of her actions, replete with a hefty blur to protect you from anything you'd rather not see....

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.