Photos: Our Ten Favorite Posts on DU Confession

Last month, we featured the top ten back-to-school posts on the CU Boulder Confessions Facebook page. Turns out, though, that University of Denver students have some confessions of their own. The DU Confession Facebook page features the sort of candor that only comes with anonymity -- and for those of you who look order, each post is numbered. With that in mind, we count down our photo-illustrated favorites from #447 to #413. Check them out below.

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#447 Reasons I'm wearing gym shorts today:

-- I'm going to the gym -- it's fucking hot outside -- they're comfortable

Note, Guys who honked at me from their car, that "men making uncomfortable comments at me" was not listed. Keep it to yourself.

#445 I'm in a love triangle between my left and right hand. One's a provider, but the other is a little awkward. Continue to keep counting down our ten favorite posts on DU Confession. #443 Seeking that cuddle buddy for tonight #437 My suite mates have this mentality that money grows on trees and I'm over here like um my money tree must be stuck in an eternal winter or something because it's been bare for a long ass time. Continue to keep counting down our ten favorite posts on DU Confession. #436 fuck you #432 The school that I am studying abroad at has co-ed bathrooms, so I've been letting two of the guys on my floor blame each other for peeing in the shower when it's actually me. I'm a girl. Continue to keep counting down our ten favorite posts on DU Confession. #428 To the girls yelling at each other in the library study room 338, I would say get a room, but obviously that isn't working. ‪#‎catfight‬ #425 I'm looking forward to my flight home, not because I get to see my family but because i get to be drunk on a plane Continue to keep counting down our ten favorite posts on DU Confession. #417 There is a Chinese girl deepthroating a corn cob in the top floor of the library and it's freaking me out...not a confession, just had to let someone know. Thanks. Carry on. #413 I am on such a level of mutual disgust and hatred with someone on my floor that I can't even see their feet under the bathroom stall when I'm peeing or shitting without wanting to get the fuck out of there or mess them up. ‪#‎itsthatbad‬

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