Photos: See seven suspects wanted in connection with CSU block party turned riot

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Original post, 6:08 a.m. April 29: The 2011 Ram's Pointe bash, which drew thousands and led to the arrest of two football players, put CSU on the underrated party school map.

Now, thanks to a massive block party this weekend, this reputation is getting harder to ignore, especially given a police response that included flashbangs and tear gas.

We've got details and tons of videos of the revelry, and the chaos, below.

The Ram's Pointe party was a full-on Project X-style bacchanal, complete with ten hospitalizations. Here's a clip:

This gathering was namechecked in last week's Barstool Sports list of the ten most underrated party schools, on which CSU finished in the fifth spot. The piece features this photo, via the Twitter feed @csuboobs....

...and the following blurb:
Colorado Boulder has always been the successful older sibling who gets all the attention, with CSU being the the younger sister who tries to validate her existence by stealing their parent's vodka and bringing it to parties where she's the star of an amateur glory hole under the kitchen table. And who doesn't love that girl? CU had a good run, but it's basically 4/20 everyday in Colorado now, and a 4,000 person pool party sounds like a lot more fun than a bunch of stoned bros playing hacky sack. They're not the hardest partying school in the country, but their frat life, off campus parties and Old Town deserve more recognition than the none they're getting now.
Cut to Saturday in the Summerhill neighborhood of Fort Collins, described by the city's police department as being near the 1700 block of Westbridge Road off West Prospect Road.

Judging by this video, the party, which soon swelled into the hundreds, was initially fun for all the participants....

...but neighbors weren't so thrilled. Hence, calls to the cops. The Fort Collins Coloradoan reports that the party's organizers registered the get-together with the university, meaning they first received a warning that things were getting out of hand, and the police say the hosts "shut down their gatherings."

But that didn't stop the merrymaking, prompting the police to return -- and they found "large crowds of approximately 300 people gathered in the street."

Continue for more about this weekend's party in Fort Collins, including more videos.

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