Photos: Ten Answers to the Question "Does Anyone Actually ENJOY Dating in Denver?"

"Does anyone actually ENJOY dating?" asks a woman at the top of this vintage, Denver-centric thread. And the answers she receives run the gamut, painting a portrait of dating in Denver that captures the good, the bad and the ugly of the scene. We've photo-illustrated our picks for the ten most memorable responses. Check them out below.

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First post:
I've reached the point where I am officially burnt out on dating. I had a boyfriend when I first moved to Denver, then we broke up in August, and I've been out with a few guys since, but...I am so over dating. It's not that I'm a bitter manhater, but dating is so time consuming and I'd much rather do my own thing or hang out with my friends than wasting my time on a guy.

I feel like something's wrong with me. 30 is on the horizon and I feel like I should have this urge, this need, like so many girls my age, to "land the one."

But, um, I'm not interested. If someone comes along who's rad, awesome, but I'm done putting time into total randoms.

I got into a discussion with a male friend of mine recently about dating, wherein we both complained about being "so over it" and how it's just not fun to us, and he remarked, "We're just not the kind of people who are into dating...there are a lot of people who are, but we're not it."

Really? Seriously? People actually LIKE this?

When I was in my early 20s, I found it fun and amusing. At the very least, I always had funny date stories to share. Then there's the "well, at least I made a friend out of this" when it amounts to nothing. Riiiight.

So ... does anyone actually ENJOY dating?

I've found that the majority of singletons in Denver love the single life -- as do I -- and are in no rush to settle. Is that why we're one of the best city for singles and not singles-looking-to-settle down?

Anyway, so...does anyone enjoy dating? For real? Why?

I'm seriously interested. Maybe I need an enlightened perspective :-)
Number 10:
Well, lessee... I like having a girlfriend. I like having someone who's just MORE than my friend. Not just the lover part, which is of course, the best part, but deeper. I don't think I've just found myself at that point without the dating part first, well once or twice, maybe. ;) Is dating fun? It should be! If not, well then maybe it's time to spend some time on yourself and with yourself, first. There isn't anything wrong with dating hiatuses(sp?) I personally enjoy blind dates, but I understand that I am some type of mutant. I just really enjoy learning about other people and the experiences and events that have formed beliefs, values (what made you who you are). I like women and the stories that they have to tell.
Number 9:
I hate dating. I love having a boyfriend but hate all the crap that happens before you're "official" and/or you meet him. It completely and utterly blows. I do, however, feel that it's necessary sometimes for certain individuals who are getting over a bad break-up or need a little self-esteem boost.
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I personally LOVE dating (I think, it's been almost 3 years since I was single). But I used to just love meeting new people, and I loved the excited nerves and the curiosity of whether the person you're going out with might turn out to be that special someone... yeah, I loved it, and I even miss it sometimes!
Number 7:
I just got out of a 5 year relationship (and we moved to Denver together!) and now I just feel...lost. It's hard to adjust to single life again, but it's also refreshing! However, even though I've met a TON of people since, I haven't really met anyone I'm interested in dating.... I guess I just don't really know how else to go about meeting people. And yeah..I'm 28 and I guess I'm just starting to feel the pressure of landing "the one" but I'm feeling kinda hopeless.
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I hate dating too it seems like so much work... I am a very busy person and they always seem to get mad when I don't have tons of extra time for them!! Plus meeting guys that are nice and not scary stalkers or drunks is kinda hard for me it seems!!
Number 5:
Okay, you all have it all wrong.... If you're looking for a relationship that is not dating in my mind..., Dating is going out and having fun. I believe from what I see is most are out to date and go home for a bit of fun. You have to understand yourself and know what you are looking for. If you know this simple part dating or finding a relationship will be a whole lot easier. So go out on a date and "HAVE FUN" and if it turns into something more after a few dates just let it takes it's course....Dating can be great but you have to approach it the right way...if you think it sucks and then that will be all over your face for the other to see...That is not good...I call it the Bill Board on the Fore head thang!!!
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Mark me in the dating blows category. For me it's just a recipe for disapointment. I'm a pretty optimistic guy, and I have a bit of an over-active imagination. So, I set up a date, get my hopes up, and am consistently disappointed. I miss the good old college days where I could just hang out with a girl and before you know it we're going out. None of this first date stuff where you think way too hard about walking the line between "just be yourself" and "making a good impression" and then just end up feeling weird.
Number 3:
I'm 23 and I can't stand it anymore.

I think of any new person met as some unfortunate opportunity cost for time reading the latest Economist or brushing up on my web design skills. Or just sleeping. Or doing nothing in general.

Thank God I'm out of it and found someone wonderful to hold onto. Remembering it makes me puke, just a little. You're better off getting an arranged marriage.
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I love dates. But I hate dating. It's sort of like, I like to drive, but I hate commuting. I have fun when I'm out meeting people, but the entire process can be absolutely dreadful.The sum of the parts is much more fun than the whole, unfortunately. I think it all comes down to the reasons why you're dating. If you're dating to meet people and have fun, then your purpose will lead to a more fun time than if you're dating to find someone. If you're dating to find someone it's a lot like making dinner and saying "this is going to be the best dinner I've ever made." You're adding so much unnecessary pressure, that you're almost assuring yourself that you won't like how things end up. Plus with added pressure you're more likely to burn ingredients, forget something, overcook, or whatever. But if you just decide you're gonna make a nice dinner and see what happens, your end product will probably be better. Not that this sort of thing always holds true...but it's just how I look at it.
Number 1:
I just broke up with someone in August, too. The day before my closing, because he decided that he wanted to get in downward facing dog with his yoga teacher. Seriously?! So now I'm back in the loop, and I'm kind of "meh" about the whole thing. It might be because I got burned pretty badly in the last relationship, or because I'm just apathetic to the whole dating thing. Can you blame me?

It can be fun, but as someone mentioned, all of the stupid games and crap that comes along with it. Who has the time and energy? I honestly don't. I'd rather have a great time, and not worry about it. Maybe you're right Jenna, that's why there are so many singles in Denver.

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