Photos: Ten best marijuana concentrates of 2013

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Number 8: White Grape bubble hash -- People's Choice Wellness On first glance, it looked like dark, oxidized warehouse-quality hash. But cracking the lid open on one of the tiny jars in the shop let out the most wonderful, strain-distinct smell, and instead of being hard, black rocks, the hash crumbled when touched. At home, it melted down like a crayon on top of the bowl when hit with a flame and burned down smoothly, overwhelming the pipe with flavor. This is perfectly done bubble hash with no frills. It's not shaved down with a food micro-planer, it's not crumbled into bits and pieces in a colander; it's just well-made bubble hash. Add to it the $15-a-gram price and I would go back for hash from People's Choice any day of the week. Number 7: Golden Goat Shatter -- Boulder Wellness Center After a lengthy hiatus from butane waxes, I finally found some hash worth bringing home in the Golden Goat shatter oil. Also tempting was the Headband shatter, house blend shatter and Bruce Banner shatter. But the Golden Goat retained most of its natural smell. The rock-hard concentrate warmed up in my fingers and made for manageable dabs that vaporized instantly and cleanly on a nail and melted like amber ice chunks over a bowl. It was extremely potent, too. Pinhead-sized dabs were enough to overwhelm my senses for a few minutes before settling into a strong, energetic high. Continue to keep counting down the ten best marijuana concentrates of 2013.
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