Photos: Ten best marijuana concentrates of 2013

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Number 6: OG hash -- Verde The Verde merge with Pink House also means that Verde's hash is being processed by Essential Extracts, which operates out of Pink House facilities. Verde had a sizable collection of about nine different strain-specific hashes, all divided into half-gram jars selling for $15-$20 a shot. At the high end, the 70 micron Golden Romulan and Lavender Haze were appealing, but I opted for the 25 micron "OG" hash. Opening up the little half-gram hash container let out nearly the same strength smell as popping open the ounce jar of Oaksterdam OG on the shelf, and the tiny granules of orange hash were waxy and expertly dried. Melty on top of a bowl and perfect just by itself, this added a delicious extra pain-relieving kick to my bowls. Number 5: Mob Boss hash -- L'eagle Services The owner said staffers dry the icewater-extracted hash for twelve weeks and cure for another month or so before it hits the shelves. I don't know if I fully buy that, but whatever the folks there are doing, they are doing right. This is full-melt, clear-dome icewater hash the way it should be done. The owner also pointed out that it's the same quality as other "solventless" products without the pilled-up chunks achieved through micro-planing or pushing hash through a colander. I thought it resembled a wedge of cheese-like BHO, but without the chemical-heavy wax smell. It burned amazingly in a bowl, forming large bubbles of oil and hash as it cooked down, and also melted well on a hot titanium nail, making it the first dab-able hash I've found at dispensaries in months. Continue to keep counting down the ten best marijuana concentrates of 2013.
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