Photos: Ten best marijuana concentrates of 2013

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Number 4: Kandy Kush shatter -- LoDo Wellness Hash selection was slim pickings when I showed up, with only a single $35 gram of Kandy Kush shatter and a lone $30 gram of blended wax on hand. But the single gram of golden, frozen oil, produced by Top Shelf Extracts from trim out of the LoDo Wellness garden, was some of the best I've seen from that company, and I instantly snatched it up. Very clear, very clean and very tasty, the oil burned with a kushy, earthy flavor on the head of a hot titanium nail. Small, BB-sized dabs were enough to put me right for a couple of hours, though the mouthwatering taste dictated that I always take at least two dabs at a time. Number 3: Jedi Kush nug-run shatter -- Lush Lush has $30 grams of shatter oil made from trim as well as $50 grams of oil made from actual buds. The center also carries waxes, but the only concentrates on the shelf when I visited were grams of the ultra-clear Jedi Kush nug-run oil made in-house by hashmaker Ryan Skipton. The $50-a-gram price is steep (and absolutely the most I would pay for concentrates from a dispensary these days), but it looked like the chunk of amber on top of Richard Attenborough's cane in Jurassic Park (minus the bug). What I brought home was odorless but not entirely flavorless: There was an added skunkiness to the otherwise vaporized-THC flavor. I've had tastier shatter before, so that was the only knock. But otherwise it was a to-the-moon blast of medicine that turned a gurgling, cramping stomach into an American breakfast-slamming appetite in five minutes. Continue to keep counting down the ten best marijuana concentrates of 2013.
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