Photos: Ten best places to find a job in Colorado

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Number 4: Brighton
Brighton is located in Adams County, approximately 20 miles northeast of Denver. Between 2009 and 2011, Brighton saw 8.1 percent growth in the working-age population, and the city's major employers include Platte Valley Medical Center, Super Walmart and Vestas. Adams County offers job seekers services at the Workforce and Business Center. There, residents can find career development help, classes for job seeking and other training and educational programs. Front Range Community College (FRCC) has a campus in Brighton and provides continuing education courses for professional development, including career development skills, computer technology and social media. FRCC also has a specialized program for small business development, which includes free counseling for entrepreneurs, training grants and personalized employee training courses.
Number 3: Loveland
Loveland is located 13 miles south of Fort Collins, in Larimer County. The Sweetheart City is known for its love of art - there are over 200 sculptures throughout the city and three major annual art shows. Loveland saw 4.8 percent growth in the working-age population between 2009 and 2011, and its unemployment rate is 6.0 percent. The city's top employers include Lutheran Health Network, Hach Company and LPR Construction. Larimer County Workforce Center provides job seekers with access to networking opportunities, job postings and job training workshops. Young professionals in northern Colorado can find professional development service at Stir Loveland, hosted by the Loveland Chamber of Commerce. The local Aims Community College has a special Continuing Education program that provides corporate education for community members. There are enrichment courses, job-training certifications and other workforce tools.
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