Photos: Ten cheesiest Colorado items for sale on eBay

There's plenty of cool Colorado stuff up for auction on eBay, and lots of cheesy oddities, too. Are you shocked that we were drawn to the latter?

Here are the ten dorkiest Colorado items we found, complete with links for your bidding pleasure. But looking (and eye-rolling) is free.

Number 10: COORS ORIGINAL WEST COAST CHOPPERS -- TWO CAN SETI'm guessing Sandra Bullock won't be bidding for these....




Price: $10

Shipping: $6

Number 9: Colorado Ambush JOHNNY MACK BROWN CHRISTINE MCINTYRE WESTERNThis vintage flick's definitely got a no-star cast.

Description: Colorado Ambush: JOHNNY MACK BROWN CHRISTINE MCINTYRE WESTERN.... Other members of the cast (not necessarily in the movie still): Lois Hall, Johnny Mack Brown, Christine McIntyre, Lyle Talbot, Tommy Farrell, Myron Healey, Marshall Bradford, Lee Roberts (no relation).

Price: $24.99

Shipping: $8.50

Keep reading our list of the ten cheesiest Colorado items for sale on eBay. Number 8: Coloradan Boulder University Colorado Year Book 1962 Volume 64No autographs. Must have been owned by Mr. Popularity.

Description: University of Colorado, Boulder Yearbook from 1962. Large and heavy, 508 pages. Pretty good condition; some surface and edgewear on covers; some light dirt and stains here and there; no autographs or writing I can see.

Price: $9.99

Shipping: $6.19

Number 7: Walsenburg, Colorado~Sanborn Map© sheets~1890 through 1907~about 11 map sheetsEver wonder what Walsenberg looked like more than a hundred years ago? Here's your chance to find out!

Description: Sanborn Map© sheets for Walsenburg, Colorado as mapped in 1890, 1895, 1901 and 1907 as digitized right from my microfilm reel with about 11 map sheets and put on a CD. You are getting just what is on the old microfilm reel. Even the scratches, but the image is easy to read.

Price: $5

Buy It Now Price: $10

Shipping: Free

Keep reading our list of the ten cheesiest Colorado items for sale on eBay. Number 6: POCKET KNIFE STILLETO COLORADO SPRING ASSISTED RB05010Here's how to show your hometown pride while skinning a bunny.

Description: The Blade reads Mountain State -- Colorado.... Rabbit.... Spring assisted for easy opening.... Quality At It Best.... Imported From Oversea China.

Price: $12.95 (six available)

Shipping: Free

Number 5. VINTAGE POSTCARD DENVER COLORADO WHERE THE WEST BEGINS (S72)Lots of ye olde Colorado postcards available on eBay. And yes, they cost more to ship than to purchase. Damn you, postal service!

Description:Written Message: None Postmark Date: None Type: The Continental Condition: Good! Corner wear: Slightly bent Tears: None Creases: None Missing paper: None

Price: $.99

Shipping: $1.50

Keep reading our list of the ten cheesiest Colorado items for sale on eBay. Number 4: Fractional 25 cent Bull Durham casino chip Black Hawk, Colorado "Heads or Tails"It's worth a quarter, but this seller wants nearly six times that amount. Talk about a gamble.

Description: This chip is from the Bull Durham casino in Black Hawk Colorado.

Price: $1.45

Shipping: $2.25

Number 3: Athearn 1/87 HO scale Freightliner and reefer Monfort of ColoradoNot that kind of reefer, my friends. It's a model of a refrigerated train car for a company that's described as if it's part of the distant past instead of Colorado's present.

Description: The Monfort trucks made by Athearn were some of the fastest selling items they had as far as 1/87 trucks go. Monfort was a popular company in the 1970s and had a reputation as running from Colorado to the East coast in record time. I accept paypal and ship to US and Canada only....

Price: $20

Shipping: $5

Keep reading our list of the ten cheesiest Colorado items for sale on eBay. Number 2: 1981 Peter Gilbert Colorado Rockies Owner 5 x 7 B/W Original Press PhotoWe're talking about the other Colorado Rockies -- the hockey team that left town decades ago and is now known as the New Jersey Devils. Gilbert, by the way, shuffled off this mortal coil back in 1989. But what a handsome man!

Description: This original press photo originates from the working archives of The Sporting News. This is an original photograph made by the photographer from his original negative. A large majority of these photos have never been published.

Price: $17.98

Shipping: $3

Number 1: Ty Beanie Baby ~*~ COLORADO ~*~ Teddy Bear MWMT I Love State / CityRemember when people used to insist these stuffed toys would increase in value? Got to guess the best offer on this little guy will be a lot lower than $10.

Description: This beanie baby is in Mint Condition! Comes with tag protector! From my personal Collection! Has been stored in either a case or bag since purchase taken out for picture and will be shipped in a bag for protection!!

Price: $10 or best offer

Shipping: $3

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