Photos: Ten memorable Denver Craigslist Missed Connections, Spring Has Sprung edition

Last year about this time, we shared our first collection of ten memorable Denver Craigslist Missed Connections, because when the weather begins warming up, more people get out and about -- and more love connections are missed.

We've gathered together, photo-illustrated and ranked ten randy, yearning, desperate, forlorn, creepy, excitable and/or romantic entreaties Denver Craigslist visitors have flung into the universe in recent days. Feel the love, or what passes for it, below.

Number 10: One horny skeptical unicorn -- m4w - -40 (depths of hell)

I hope you find this. I guess I am all out of ideas. I literally tried everything. Woman...I swear on all that's Holy that in my rule. There is nothing that can make me feel the way you do. The years of pain was worth the minutes of pleasure. You shouldn't doubt anything about yourself. You are so beautiful my darling. I hope someday you figure out that you are so intoxicating it makes mortal men (and women) nervous. It is inside you love. I have no choice but to feel the absence of your presence. I never could find your page, but who could when you are from a magical land far far away. You thought you were with someone I clearly wasn't when we were young... you found out that you had so much more pull down the stretch without me. Thank you for trying again. Your prince is an average working scrub that loses his ability to love you as I am too busy trying to be loved by you. You were for whatever reason gracious enough to look my direction and even in those phenomenal big dark eyes spilling over with doubt and tears, you gave me a pass from purgatory and my ailing heart and soul thawed out. I will never see the stars in your eyes again for me...and for this I failed in my life. Forgive me for falling short. But know I take all the blame. You had buried us into oblivion and I was irresponsible for adding that to your already long days. You see, I wanted us so bad I took my shot at a time I clearly had no business doing so. I am putting this here for you in hopes my very small words help you see you didn't lose anything but a parasite of your light. When I come to...and my eyes are white again... I will have such regrets and breath taking racks of anxiety that I worry this old heart might give...that I will look up to the sky and smile, because you gave me your best Tinker...and that my dear will be hard to beat even if I were to sneak into heaven. I leave you be now. Its time to board it up again.

Number 9: Double shot of espresso love Starbucks Drive-Thru -- w4m -- 39 (Castle Pines) When I saw you hanging out of the drive-thru window on my way to Starbucks this morning, I knew I had to drive through instead of going inside. "Thomas" was on your nametag, I believe.

You were so adorably hot, and friendly to boot.

Wish I could see you *every* day when I get my coffee!

Continue for more of our memorable Denver Craigslist Missed Connections, Spring has Sprung edition. Number 8: Game on BBW -- m4w -- 45 (DTC) I realized yesterday that you come to my neighbors house each week for group game. I saw what I've been looking for on Craigslist. but was too shy to speak on it. Oh well, I'll continue to follow the missed connects here. You probably have better things to do then cruise CL's lonely hearts column. If the stars are aligned, and my karma is ready to pay-up, and you see this post, make my heart skip another beat as it did yesterday, I'll know it's you for sure if you can tell me.... What was the group game you guys played last night. The Gardener Number 7: Thrifty love Great Voice in ARC on Broadway -- m4w -- 32 (Denver-Broadway ARC) You were so cute in ARC on South Broadway. First, you made a comment to me about a pair of jeans I held up to myself. At first I was imbaressed that I even tried them against me. Your comment was so cute and innocent I will never wear (bedazzled jeans). My buddy that was with me, got a kick out of it too. We both left and spoke about you and I wondered if I would ever see you again. So I returned again the next day and BAMMMMMM there you were, searching through the kitchen gadgets and singing along to the oldies station. You seemed to not have a care in the world and you smiled as you sang to an oldies song. I was going to try and talk to you but I got too nervous. I wish I had as you are very attractive, ok.....super cute, probably my age, hopefully single as I noticed you didn't have a ring on your finger.( That in itself surprised me. Would you like to go grab a cocktail sometime? If you see this, I hope you respond. If not, I guess I will have to keep going back to see if you return to ARC.

If you recognize this post please tell me what style hair you had, not many women have such cute hair and I LOVED your flower in your hair. Keep smiling pretty girl and I hope you see this.

Continue for more of our memorable Denver Craigslist Missed Connections, Spring has Sprung edition. Number 6: Board stiff Cap Hill Sk8n Boy -- m4m (Around Cap Hill)


I know that this is going to be just a long, blind shot in the dark.

But, who knows maybe you do look at this stuff...

I always see you skateboarding around the area. Up and down 12th, sometimes over by Colfax.

You just always get around on the board.

You always ride past my building, I guess coming and going from/to work.

You look Latin or maybe PR. But, one thing is for sure you are so damn beautiful. I really do admire you.

Just perfect in every way.

So I am not sure what you are up to, if you are gay, bi or str8. My guess if that you are very straight.

I do not really care. I just would love to hang out with you and get to know you. If it leads to something or you are curious and experimental, there is nothing wrong with that.

I have most recently seen you going past my building down 12th toward Broadway, coming/going from a building by 12th and Logan.

I have seen you come or go from there before, maybe you were just visiting someone.

If that is your building, could it really be that we are neighbors?! As I live in a building near 12th/Grant.

Any way, I just thought I would dare to say how wonderfully perfect and beautiful I think you are.

I really do mean it, seriously.

If you see this and want to reply to set up hanging out of something, please reply with a picture showing your face so I can be sure you are definitely the right person I am referring to. Since the are so many flakey, game-players on CL that may try to pretend they are this person...

Also, tell me the color of the jacket you most often wear and what organization name is on the shoulder patch.

Number 5: The laugh's on me Comedy Works Mess up -- m4w (Comedy Works)

Was at the 7 pm show at Comedy Works at Larimer Square Denver on the 03/22/13

U sat on the right side on the stage level seats, had on black boots and a black and red shirt we exchanged looks and smiles throw out the show and when I passed by u on my way out u smiled at me and I feel like a jackasses for not stopping to get ur num !!!

I was pushed out by the crowd.

And had to keep on walking.

I know that the probability that u will read this is slim to none but I can't get u Out of my head so I figured it's worth a shot!!!

Continue for more of our memorable Denver Craigslist Missed Connections, Spring has Sprung edition. Number 4: Convenience store Cute guy at 711 on Colfax who went in for me! -- w4m (711) Hi. Yesterday you helped me out because I could not go in with my dog. I thought you were very handsome and so polite. Let me know if you want to get a drink or coffee some time.

You were tall, with dark hair and not clean shaven with a hat and brown shoes.

If by some strange coincidence you read this. Just want you to know that you are one fine specimen! :-D

Number 3: Office space flirting at work? -- m4w -- 44 (Centennial) Were both attached and work in the same office in Centennial. We have different roles however when we cross paths I can't help to keep my eyes off of you. I know you've caught me staring at times despite my best efforts not to however I can't help myself. Your so beautiful and have a great smile. If things were different would you take the next step, I wonder. I realize this is a longshot, however if you should come across this post and would like to talk further, tell me about the conversation we had about lunch.


Continue for more of our memorable Denver Craigslist Missed Connections, Spring has Sprung edition. Number 2: Coffee, tea or me April 24 DIA to PHX southwest flight 431 flight attendant -- m4w -- 30 (DIA to PHX) You sat across from me at the gate until the plane arrived. You were sporting a 50's style do and makeup, you got up and left and I figured you were heading elsewhere. Kinda surprised me when you greeted me (and everyone else, so no, I didn't think I was special or anything) as I boarded and I was at least mildly entertained by your snarky commentary (what parts I could understand, the p.a. system could use some work and I'm fairly hard of hearing though I recall you saying husband in an almost menacing way a lot) as you did the safety speil. BUT as we were unboarding you commented that I didn't need my jacket (maybe it was I didn't need my jacket where I was going?)

I got the strong impression that you're the type of person that reads these and I just wanted to let you know: I did actually need it where I was heading, it was kinda chilly at my final destination.

Number 1: The Great Depression You've lost me I knew that it was all to good to be true. Everything you said. All that you never did. How dare you let me dream of a better life. I believed in you.

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