Photos: Ten memorable Denver Craigslist Missed Connections, Spring Has Sprung edition

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Number 10: One horny skeptical unicorn -- m4w - -40 (depths of hell)

I hope you find this. I guess I am all out of ideas. I literally tried everything. Woman...I swear on all that's Holy that in my rule. There is nothing that can make me feel the way you do. The years of pain was worth the minutes of pleasure. You shouldn't doubt anything about yourself. You are so beautiful my darling. I hope someday you figure out that you are so intoxicating it makes mortal men (and women) nervous. It is inside you love. I have no choice but to feel the absence of your presence. I never could find your page, but who could when you are from a magical land far far away. You thought you were with someone I clearly wasn't when we were young... you found out that you had so much more pull down the stretch without me. Thank you for trying again. Your prince is an average working scrub that loses his ability to love you as I am too busy trying to be loved by you. You were for whatever reason gracious enough to look my direction and even in those phenomenal big dark eyes spilling over with doubt and tears, you gave me a pass from purgatory and my ailing heart and soul thawed out. I will never see the stars in your eyes again for me...and for this I failed in my life. Forgive me for falling short. But know I take all the blame. You had buried us into oblivion and I was irresponsible for adding that to your already long days. You see, I wanted us so bad I took my shot at a time I clearly had no business doing so. I am putting this here for you in hopes my very small words help you see you didn't lose anything but a parasite of your light. When I come to...and my eyes are white again... I will have such regrets and breath taking racks of anxiety that I worry this old heart might give...that I will look up to the sky and smile, because you gave me your best Tinker...and that my dear will be hard to beat even if I were to sneak into heaven. I leave you be now. Its time to board it up again.

Number 9: Double shot of espresso love Starbucks Drive-Thru -- w4m -- 39 (Castle Pines) When I saw you hanging out of the drive-thru window on my way to Starbucks this morning, I knew I had to drive through instead of going inside. "Thomas" was on your nametag, I believe.

You were so adorably hot, and friendly to boot.

Wish I could see you *every* day when I get my coffee!

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