Photos: Ten memorable Denver Craigslist Missed Connections, Spring Has Sprung edition

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Number 6: Board stiff Cap Hill Sk8n Boy -- m4m (Around Cap Hill)


I know that this is going to be just a long, blind shot in the dark.

But, who knows maybe you do look at this stuff...

I always see you skateboarding around the area. Up and down 12th, sometimes over by Colfax.

You just always get around on the board.

You always ride past my building, I guess coming and going from/to work.

You look Latin or maybe PR. But, one thing is for sure you are so damn beautiful. I really do admire you.

Just perfect in every way.

So I am not sure what you are up to, if you are gay, bi or str8. My guess if that you are very straight.

I do not really care. I just would love to hang out with you and get to know you. If it leads to something or you are curious and experimental, there is nothing wrong with that.

I have most recently seen you going past my building down 12th toward Broadway, coming/going from a building by 12th and Logan.

I have seen you come or go from there before, maybe you were just visiting someone.

If that is your building, could it really be that we are neighbors?! As I live in a building near 12th/Grant.

Any way, I just thought I would dare to say how wonderfully perfect and beautiful I think you are.

I really do mean it, seriously.

If you see this and want to reply to set up hanging out of something, please reply with a picture showing your face so I can be sure you are definitely the right person I am referring to. Since the are so many flakey, game-players on CL that may try to pretend they are this person...

Also, tell me the color of the jacket you most often wear and what organization name is on the shoulder patch.

Number 5: The laugh's on me Comedy Works Mess up -- m4w (Comedy Works)

Was at the 7 pm show at Comedy Works at Larimer Square Denver on the 03/22/13

U sat on the right side on the stage level seats, had on black boots and a black and red shirt we exchanged looks and smiles throw out the show and when I passed by u on my way out u smiled at me and I feel like a jackasses for not stopping to get ur num !!!

I was pushed out by the crowd.

And had to keep on walking.

I know that the probability that u will read this is slim to none but I can't get u Out of my head so I figured it's worth a shot!!!

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