Photos: Ten memorable Denver Craigslist Missed Connections, Spring Has Sprung edition

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Number 4: Convenience store Cute guy at 711 on Colfax who went in for me! -- w4m (711) Hi. Yesterday you helped me out because I could not go in with my dog. I thought you were very handsome and so polite. Let me know if you want to get a drink or coffee some time.

You were tall, with dark hair and not clean shaven with a hat and brown shoes.

If by some strange coincidence you read this. Just want you to know that you are one fine specimen! :-D

Number 3: Office space flirting at work? -- m4w -- 44 (Centennial) Were both attached and work in the same office in Centennial. We have different roles however when we cross paths I can't help to keep my eyes off of you. I know you've caught me staring at times despite my best efforts not to however I can't help myself. Your so beautiful and have a great smile. If things were different would you take the next step, I wonder. I realize this is a longshot, however if you should come across this post and would like to talk further, tell me about the conversation we had about lunch.


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