Photos: Ten More Unsolved Colorado Murders and Personal Stories of Victims

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Jeffrey Newkirk Jeffrey Burt Newkirk, 20, of Evergreen Colorado, attended Colorado Academy. He enjoyed his motorcyle and loved to hike around the mountains. Jeffrey was an accomplished pianist, studying piano here and in England. He won several competitions. His teacher in England said Jeffrey was her star pupil. When Jeffrey's parents were ready to depart for the United States, the teacher said, sadly, "You've given me the pupil of my life and now you're going to take him away. Jeffrey's father, Dr. John Newkirk, describes his son as "brilliant" but with "brilliant sensitivities." In September 1979, Jeffrey decided to travel to California to live with a cousin. For a short while they lived together, then Jeffrey moved out. After a few weeks of not hearing from Jeffrey, the cousin went to his apartment and found he was missing. But all his clothes and backpack were still there. A report was made to the Los Angeles police. The following January, a hiker discovered Jeffrey's remains on a California hillside. But they lay unidentified in a morgue. Meanwhile, Jeffrey's parents had hired a private investigator and travelled to California. They spurred law enforcement to appoint a new investigator. They supplied dental charts and x-rays. One year after he was reported missing, the remains in the morgue were identified as those of Jeffrey Newkirk. A cause of death was never definitely determined, but homicide is suspected. Christine Zablocki-Alicata Christine Zablocki was President of her Junior class at Evergreen (CO) High School and participated in student government as a senior. She was on the swim team and worked in the cafeteria. Christine attended Colorado State University where she received a degree in nutrition. She received a masters in nutrition from the University of Hawaii. Christine did volunteer work with unwed mothers and in the hospital nutrition department. On May 28, 1983, Christine married Danny Alicata.She was accepted to Medical School at the University of Hawaii. Christine was spending the holidays with her family on the island of Maui in 1986. On December 31, she went jogging alone on the beach. Jogging was a favorite pastime with Christine but this time, she did not return. Her body was found the next day, Jan 1, 1987. She had been strangled. There are no suspects. In addition to her mother, Carole Zablocki of Evergreen, Christine is survived by two brothers, Craig Zablocki of Denver and Curtis Zablocki of Layton, UT. Continue to learn about more unsolved Colorado murders, including photos and personal stories of the victims.
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