Photos: Ten more unsolved Colorado murders and victims' personal stories

Over the years, we've intermittently highlighted unsolved Colorado murders listed on the indispensable Families of Homicide Victims and Missing Persons website. Our most recent offering appeared last September, on the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims. For loved ones left behind, however, every day is a day of remembrance -- and it shocks the conscience that no one has been held responsible for the crimes detailed below. Continue to learn about ten more mysteries, featuring photos and personal stories of the victims.

Click on victim names for more details, including law-enforcement contact info if you can help finally bring their killers to justice.

Erin Golla
Erin Golla liked music and took ballet lessons as a child. Her dad, Ron Golla, managed Roller City on West Alameda so Erin enjoyed roller skating. She really liked to swim when the family lived in an apartment complex with a pool after returning from California.

Erin attended Bear Creek High School in South Jefferson County Colorado but dropped out to live with a fellow she dated. Later she married Kevin King but that marriage ended in divorce. Erin had two children: Casey, now 11, and Courtney, now 7.

Erin was working at the lunch counter of the Broadway Bowl in Littleton on Sunday night Janaury 27, 2002. At about 11:30 pm, as they closed the business, she was shot to death along with two other victims, Bobby Zajac and Jim Springer, Jr. during an apparent robbery.

If you have any information about this crime, call Littleton Police Department, Detectives Hoffman or Baca, 303-795-3890.
Rhonda Holland
Rhonda Holland, 46, attended college near Hartford, CT where she studied advertising. She managed her mother's gift shop in Littleton, CO and did all the decorating in the store. "She was extremely talented," said Hazel Brewer. Rhonda would even redo furniture for friends. Married in 1979, Rhonda had two sons, Jason and Jeffrey. After ten years of marriage, Rhonda and her husband divorced. "She had a real bubbly personality" said her mother, who added that Rhonda had lots of friends. On Saturday, January 17, 2004, the store was to have closed at 6 PM. When Hazel Brewer was unable to contact her daughter Sunday, she went to the store and found Rhonda dead from a single stab wound. The victim's car was found at a motel four blocks away. The lights were still on in the unlocked gift shop at 5757 S. Rapp St. A suspect has been named.

LITTLETON Police believe they have solved the 2004 murder of Rhonda Holland, which happened at her family's gift shop in downtown Littleton.

Thursday, Sept 6, 2007, Littleton Police announced warrants have been issued for Greg Parker, already in prison for killing his wife. but the District Attorney for Arapahoe County refuses to prosecute.

Greg Parker had been sentenced to 60 years in prison in 2005 for the murder of his wife, Barbara. He confessed to slitting her throat after an argument in their Littleton home. Parker is serving his sentence at the Buena Vista Correctional Complex.
Continue for more about ten unsolved Colorado murders, including photos and personal stories about the victims. Beverly Ross
On 2-8-1985 at about 7:30 pm Beverly was found shot to death in her home at 23 Lindenwood Drive in Littleton. There were no signs of forced entry and no weapon was ever found. Beverly's purse and contents were found a week later several blocks from the scene. If you have any information about this victim or this homicide, please call Detective Russ Hoffman, 303-795-3896.
James Springer, Jr.
Jim Springer, Jr., 29, was born in Connecticut. His family moved to Cache Valley, Utah when Jim Jr. was 9. He graduated from Sky View High School in Smithfield, Utah in 1990.

Jim loved the mountains and would go camping whenever he got the chance. Jim and his Dad enjoyed fishing together & the joke between them was "a dollar for the first fish." Jim almost always won the dollar!

Jim's only sibling, a sister Donna married Jeff and started a family. Jim loved being an uncle to her 3 children (Josh, Kyle, and Marissa). He was jokingly known as "awesome Uncle Jim" after finally breaking the piñata for them one Easter.

In August 1999, Jim married Jenni; they were in love and ready to start a family. The couple had their first child, James D. Springer III in June 2000. Jim Jr. loved being a dad. The couple brought their second child, Devin, into the world in September 2001.

Jim Jr. was offered several opportunities by AMF. He turned down a New York offer because the attacks of 9/11 had occurred and he feared for the safety of his family. He also turned down an offer to manage in Salt Lake City because of the coming of the Olympics and security concerns. Finally, Jim accepted an offer to become an assistant manager in Littleton, CO which he felt would be a safe place for his family.

Jim Jr. reported for work at the Broadway Bowl in Littleton on December 3, 2001. After only 7 weeks on the job on January 27, 2002, Jim called his wife and said "I'm done closing. We're waiting for Erin's ride (Erin Golla was snack bar manager of the bowling alley) then I'll give Bobby a ride (Bobby Zajac worked at AMF lanes in Highlands Ranch but frequently hung out with friends at Broadway Bowl) and then I'll be home. That was the last conversation between the couple. Jenni, worried when Jim failed to come home, called friends who went to the Broadway Bowl to find police and Jim's car in the parking lot. Jim, Bobby and Erin lay dead inside. They had been shot to death. The safe was open and emptied.

There have been no arrests in this triple homicide. If you have any information about this crime, please call Littleton Police Department Detectives Hoffman or Baca, 303-795-3890.
Continue for more about ten unsolved Colorado murders, including photos and personal stories about the victims. Edward Steinbach
Police responded to a single car traffic accident where the vehicle went down a 200 foot embankment in the 6300 block of S. Broadway in Littleton. It was discovered that Edward died from a single gunshot to the head. No weapon was ever found. If you have any information about this victim or this homicide, please contact Detective Russ Hoffman, 303-795-3896.
Helen Towers
Helen Towers, 69, was born in Deer Trail, Colorado. She lived in Littleton. Helen was passionate about justice. She worked for Marty Miller, the popular District Attorney in Arapahoe County for 18 years, then worked as a legal assistant for 20 years after that. Helen, a beautiful dancer, loved to ballroom dance. She danced often at Senior Centers in the area. Another of her interests was poker. Her daughter, Julie, says she was a very accomplished player. In March 2000, Helen told her daughter that frightening notes had been left on her car, a four-year-old, bright red Monte Carlo. On April 1, Helen's neighbors called Julie to say newspapers were piling up at her mother's house which had been dark for several days and that they found a fresh red rose in the snow at the front door the day they called. Police and firemen were called to the house and entered through an unlocked kitchen window. Helen's body was found in the bathtub of the Littleton home she had lived in for forty years. There was no water in the tub, no evidence of foul play and no toxic substances in Helen's body. Julie says all the lights had been unplugged and the telephone was left off the hook. The threatening notes were found in Helen's purse. Later, another ballroom dancer across town began receiving similar notes. This person also drove a red sports car. Helen's death was eerily similar to the 1999 case of Rebecca Bartee, an Arapahoe County Attorney whose body was also found in the bathtub in her apartment with no evidence of foul play. The Arapahoe County Coroner lists Helen's cause of death as "Undetermined." If you think you have information about this death, please contact the Littleton Police Department, 303-795-3890.
Continue for more about ten unsolved Colorado murders, including photos and personal stories about the victims. Robert Zajac
Robert Zajac (Zy-us), 23, played Little League baseball as he grew up, but there is no doubt that his favorite sport was bowling. He started bowling with his dad and his brother, Jeffrey, when he was 9 or 10. After high school Robert worked at King Soopers for a few years. He would often hold down two jobs, working at AMF Lanes in Highlands Ranch and driving for Domino's. But most of his friends were at Broadway Bowl in Littleton according to his dad, Roy Zajac. It was difficult for Robert after he split up with his long-time girl friend. But he was getting his life back together and had a job lined up with CDOT. Robert enjoyed the mountains and liked to go up to his grandmother's cabin north of Deckers. On Jan. 27, 2002, in the office of Broadway Bowl, three people were gunned down in an apparent robbery: Jim Springer, 29, Erin Golla, 26, and Robert. Springer and Golla were closing the alley for the night, and Robert was waiting for a ride home. If you have any information about this crime, please call Littleton Police Department Detectives Hoffman or Baca at 303-795-3890.
Amber Bullington
Amber N. Bullington, 18, was a good kid who didn't smoke or drink. She lived in Longmont with her dad, Allen. He said she loved music and was real artistic. Amber had 2 dogs, 2 cats and a rabbit, Cocoa, that she loved dearly. During her school years, Amber played the flute, was active in Girl Scouts and was an honor student. For her senior year she switched to Skyline H.S. and graduated. Amber loved her car, an Eagle Talon, and enjoyed shopping for clothes. She was an avid Broncos fan. Amber held three jobs, but was most excited about her work at Bank One because it offered to pay 80% of her tuition to college. Amber was trying to break off an abusive relationship with Lorenzo "Cheeto" Hidalgo, a boy she had met at Skyline. He had assaulted her and threatened her on several occasions. On Feb 6, 2000, she was found shot to death in her locked car in front of Hidalgo's house. He was arrested on other charges. Her death has been ruled a suicide. Police cleared Hidalgo.
Continue for more about ten unsolved Colorado murders, including photos and personal stories about the victims. Morton Rosenfeld
Morton Rosenfeld was born in Chicago in 1935. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1957 with a B.S. in English. There he met his future wife, Judith. Morton then studied acting in New York City, appearing in some off-Broadway plays.

Morton was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1958 and served in the Public Information Office at Fort Bragg, NC. Morton and Judith were married in August, 1958, when she returned from a year of post-graduate study in France. To this union was born a daughter, Stephanie, in 1960 and a son, David, in 1964.

Morton attended the NYU School of Filmmaking and worked in New York City in film editing until 1970. Then a cousin of his told him of an opening teaching filmmaking at the University of Utah. He applied for, and got, the job. Morton loved Utah, enjoying skiing and hiking especially. He also enjoyed all sorts of music, from jazz to classical. He was very popular with his students.

In May of 1979, he bought a VW Beetle and headed for the film festival in Telluride, CO. At first he stayed with his father-in-law in Boulder, but through a friend in Salt Lake City, he arranged to stay at a condominium in Windcliff Estates, near Estes Park.

Morton had been in Colorado only ten days when his badly beaten body was found on May 19, 1979 by Tom Rack, the owner of the condominium, on returning to Windcliff Estates. There were no signs of forced entry. Many people were distraught when they learned of Morton's death. A cinematographer friend tried to film the condo where Morton met his death, but was chased off by Douglas and Ron Buser, the sons of one of the principal developers of Windcliff Estates.

Judith believes that the killer is known, or highly suspected, by the Larimer County Sheriff's Office, but that office informed her that all physical evidence of the crime was accidentally destroyed in l983 during their transition to computers. The Rosenfeld family wants the killer(s) brought to justice.

If you have information about this murder, please call Lt. Andy Josey, (970) 498-5161.
Melissa Chase
On 12-7-1983 at about 11:50 PM, Melissa's body was found beaten to death underneath a bridge in the 300 block of W. Lehow Avenue in Littleton. Ms. Chase had been reported missing the day before. If you have any information relating to this victim or this homicide, please call Detective Russ Hoffman, 303-795-3896.

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