Photos: Ten most stolen cars in Denver -- including one that's not a car

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Number 10: Jeep Wrangler

Number stolen: 51

Jeep Wranglers are common sights in the Denver area, but prevalence alone probably doesn't explain why it landed in the top ten. As you'll see, the Jeep brand strikes a sweet spot for plenty of local thieves....

Number 9: Ford F-150

Number stolen: 61

Another Colorado favorite, the Ford F-150 is known for being steady and reliable -- and because there are so many of them on the roads, you can bet there's a big demand for parts.

Number 8: Acura Integra

Number stolen: 63

In some markets, Integras are sold under the Honda nameplate -- and Hondas have long placed prominently on stolen-car lists. Hint: This won't be the last time you'll see a vehicle emblazoned with a Honda insignia here.

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