Photos: Ten most stolen cars in Denver -- including one that's not a car

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Number 7: Subaru Impreza

Number stolen: 65

We expected to see a Subaru on this roster, but not this one. Given all the Subaru Outbacks on area highways, we figured that sheer volume would make it a top target. Apparently, Imprezas are more impressive to the criminal class.

Number 6: Honda motorcycle

Number stolen: 73

As reporters, we pride ourselves on our keen powers of observation -- so we instantly noticed that this is not a car. But the DPD thinks car thieves are targeting these rides, too, and who are we to argue?

Number 5: Toyota Camry

Number stolen: 84

I once owned a Camry, and I'll bet plenty of you did as well. This model has long been among the most purchased vehicles by occupants of this planet, car thieves included.

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