Photos: Ten Obama fans on why they'll vote no matter what Dick Morris says

Before a group of Mitt Romney supporters in Centennial earlier this week, Fox News analyst and conservative pundit Dick Morris said Barack Obama won't be elected because his fans won't actually vote. Today, before Obama took the stage in Golden, we asked ten supporters what they think of Morris's comments and if they are confident that voters who back the president will actually come to the polls in November. Rachel Washington, 48, nurse "People are going to come out and vote, I'm positive. We have to keep him in office. If he doesn't win, it's bad, very scary.... And my church is very active, making sure people are registered. My son just turned eighteen, and it's his first time voting. I know he's encouraging his friends and talking about the importance of voting." Robin Heim, 52, reservoir engineer "I'm hopeful, especially in a swing state...and he's exciting in person. I work in an office that's totally Republican, and I told people I was going today, and it was surprising how many people said, 'I wanna go!' I think more people are supporting him, even the Republicans. I disagree [with Morris]. People will vote." Continue to find out why more Obama supporters think his fans will show up to vote in November. Solomon Smilack, 32, nonprofit operations manager "I went to college in Ohio, which should really be a swing state, but it's gone red largely because of voter-suppression efforts. I don't think it's as much of a problem here, but it still makes me very nervous. We have a growing Hispanic population here, and it's very easy to disenfranchise people. People may not be aware of their rights; misinformation can be put out. It doesn't take much to suppress voters...immigrants, minorities, or simply poor people.... In a swing state, it makes a huge difference." Bobby Medina, 25, union organizer "People are gonna come out and vote. We are going door to door and telling people what Obama is really going to do for them. They understand that it's a huge decision in 2012. Our Latino brothers and sisters and our black brothers and sisters just need to be educated.... We are more informed than ever. Minorities are the majority, and we are stronger than we've ever been." Continue to find out why more Obama supporters think his fans will show up to vote in November. Foster Hines, 60, political coordinator for Teamsters "Young people have been disappointed with the economy. They thought we'd make more progress by now. It's disheartening, but they are still gonna vote.... The thing that encourages them is the war on workers. They understand that there's a class war on workers. They realize Obama is the better choice. [The Republicans] think we are not gonna vote and that Obama doesn't have the support he he had in 2008, but we strongly disagree." Ande Eich, 17, high school student "I'm just missing the election -- I'm seventeen -- but all my friends are excited to vote, and in school we talk about the fact that the younger population needs to vote....and I think they will. There are more issues that are going to affect us, like student loans." Continue to find out why more Obama supporters think his fans will show up to vote in November. Ratna Gupta, 39, government worker "I think people will go out and vote because it's so Colorado and across the country. People will show up.... It's so important and it's so close.... It's the Libertarians who won't show up, because they got screwed with Ron Paul. That'll help Obama." Michael DeHerrera, 39, project manager "I think there are people who are gonna be hesitant. I don't think there's the energy there was four years worries me. A lot of people are busy in their lives, and voting isn't a priority. Voting is like a full contact sport. If you're not out in the field, you're sitting on the sidelines.... I don't care if you're Republican or a Democrat, just be informed." Continue to find out why more Obama supporters think his fans will show up to vote in November. Kathy Forchas, 60, retired artist "We are gonna get record-breaking numbers. I think college students are gonna make the difference, just like they did in 2008. There's no excuse [not to vote] in Colorado. Unless there's a blizzard or a freak of nature, people are gonna vote." Garrett Hjelle, 16, high school sophomore "I'm not old enough to vote, but I'm here to support him. I'm gonna do everything I can to encourage people to vote. People at my sister's college say they are deciding they are not gonna vote. I don't know why -- I want to let them know they can make a difference.... I've been raised to believe in equal rights. I feel like that resonates with a lot of people."

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