Photos: Ten Obama fans on why they'll vote no matter what Dick Morris says

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Rachel Washington, 48, nurse "People are going to come out and vote, I'm positive. We have to keep him in office. If he doesn't win, it's bad, very scary.... And my church is very active, making sure people are registered. My son just turned eighteen, and it's his first time voting. I know he's encouraging his friends and talking about the importance of voting." Robin Heim, 52, reservoir engineer "I'm hopeful, especially in a swing state...and he's exciting in person. I work in an office that's totally Republican, and I told people I was going today, and it was surprising how many people said, 'I wanna go!' I think more people are supporting him, even the Republicans. I disagree [with Morris]. People will vote." Continue to find out why more Obama supporters think his fans will show up to vote in November.
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