Photos: Ten Obama fans on why they'll vote no matter what Dick Morris says

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Foster Hines, 60, political coordinator for Teamsters "Young people have been disappointed with the economy. They thought we'd make more progress by now. It's disheartening, but they are still gonna vote.... The thing that encourages them is the war on workers. They understand that there's a class war on workers. They realize Obama is the better choice. [The Republicans] think we are not gonna vote and that Obama doesn't have the support he he had in 2008, but we strongly disagree." Ande Eich, 17, high school student "I'm just missing the election -- I'm seventeen -- but all my friends are excited to vote, and in school we talk about the fact that the younger population needs to vote....and I think they will. There are more issues that are going to affect us, like student loans." Continue to find out why more Obama supporters think his fans will show up to vote in November.
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