Photos: Ten Stupidest Reasons Why Yobeat Thinks Colorado Sucks

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Number 8: High altitude Yobeat's take: Summit County is based around 9,000 ft. The base lodge at Silverton is at 10k. As we mentioned before, high altitude is great for getting drunk efficiently, but it also makes it hard to breathe, makes putting on your boots the hardest thing ever, and makes it hard to sleep. But the biggest issue with the thin air is you just can't think straight, which may explain why everyone in Colorado is such a kook.

Our take: Plenty of flatlanders need a little adjustment time to acclimate to the altitude, but the overwhelming majority manage to do so just fine. Maybe they'd prefer snowboarding in New Orleans.

Number 7: Oxygen Bars Yobeat's take: I've never been in one, but I assume it's horrible. I mean, they have them in Los Angeles.

Our take: Based on the altitude complaints, the real problem seems to be that these guys need to go to an oxygen bar but fear it'll make them seem like wimps. Which, come to think of it....

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