Photos: Ten Stupidest Reasons Why Yobeat Thinks Colorado Sucks

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Number 6: It's cold as fuck Yobeat's take: Oh cool, high of negative 5 today? Fuck you.

Our take: This claim takes about four seconds to dispute: For example, shows that the average high temperature in Vail during January is 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Put on some gloves, for Christ's sake.

Number 5: 3.2 Beer Yobeat's take: Yes, you can get real beer in the Liquor store or any of the 40,000 craft breweries, but damn it, I want to pick it up with my groceries, and that shit is 3.2. Worst part, unless someone tells you this, you can spend your whole vacation wondering why you're not getting drunk, even at 10,000 feet.

Our take: Yeah, Colorado really has a severe shortage of liquor stores. As for needing someone to tell you that most grocery stores only sell 3.2 beer, there's a little thing called "reading." Look into it.

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