Photos: Ten Stupidest Reasons Why Yobeat Thinks Colorado Sucks

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Number 4: Legal Weed Yobeat's take: It's not that we're not in favor of legal weed, as we just mentioned, but we're pretty sure the feds blew up Leo's just to prove a point. Not to mention the annoying bi-products that have come because of it such as dabs, oils, weed snobs, etc.

Our take: There are loads o' conflicted references to recreational marijuana sales on Yobeat's list. Can't tell if the crew there actually hates dank or they view the topic as a supposedly easy (but by now horribly cliched) laugh line.

Number 3: Angry Snowboarder (a Colorado-based blog) Yobeat's take: Just chill out, dude. Smoke some legal weed perhaps.

Our take: See what we mean?

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