Photos: Ten weirdest new posts on Denver Craigslist

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Number 10: Does anyone speak Japanese? "For various weird reasons," writes the person behind this post, "I need to come up with a fantasy name for a Japanese pirate who has the key to all locks. The name must imply the keys (kagi) and can incorporate wind or earth, or imply 'the owner of' or the holder or keeper or whatever. I've been trying to go through Google translate and can't come up with anything that seems like a name."

Mmm-kay. And how much will he pay for an inspired moniker? He offers "a beer at the Renaissance Festival," a supply of "good karma" or a promise to "follow you on Twitter." That's capable of getting anyone keyed up.

Number 9: Can't Sleep The Clown will eat me Is the owner of this fifteen-inch tall mime figure really terrified that it will kill him in his slumber? No, he insists. Rather, "I have a date 2morrow and I need some $ for a good time.... Paid off all my bills, left with nothing but I have a girl to entertain."

However, he concedes that this item is "real creepy in the dark."

And in the light.

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