Photos: The top ten things LoDo needs -- according to you

What does LoDo need? Two weeks ago, mysterious chalk messages suddenly appeared on sidewalks across downtown Denver -- in 83 spots, to be exact -- referring passersby to a


where they could share their thoughts on what LoDo was missing. "In 25-square blocks, LoDo has boutique clothing stores, multi-story nightclubs and everything in between," the site noted. "Well, maybe not everything. Maybe LoDo is just one thing, place or business short of everything. And we want to know what it is. So, tell us. What do you think LoDo needs?"

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If your answer was a new bank, you're in luck: Today the Glenwood Springs-based Alpine Bank will open its first Denver branch, at 1777 Wynkoop Street.

And at the same time, bank officials promise to reveal the rest of the information they gathered with their two-week-long campaign, which collected suggestions from over 2,500 people who had plenty of ideas of what LoDo needs.

At this writing, here were the top ideas listed on the site:

Number 10: Farmers Market Number 9: Daycare Number 8: Local Skate Shop Continue to keep counting down the top ten things LoDo needs -- according to you. Number 7: Public Art Number 6: 24-Hour Check-Cashing Number 5: Grocery Store Continue to keep counting down the top ten things LoDo needs -- according to you. Number 4: Good Italian Deli Number 3: Gas Station Number 2: Youth Center Number 1: Hardware Store

What? The majority didn't ask for more parking? Bank on a recount!

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