Photos: Top 25 mug shots of September 2012

As seen in our pictorial roundup below, September witnessed a slew of alternatively bizarre and startling crime stories -- and the images that accompanied them were just as memorable.

Look below to see the faces of those accused in shootouts, standoffs and more (including the latest shot of Colorado's most notorious alleged monster), and click on the headlines or captions to read our original coverage.

Read more in "Samuel Maldonado-Tapia busted for starting fire at Walmart, holding child at knifepoint." Read more in "Johna Turner suspected of animal cruelty for shoving chihuahua puppy down her pants." Read more in "Charles Bush busted for allegedly stealing his neighbor's sex toys." Read more in "Taveuan Williams on Facebook in RadioShack hostage drama: 'Swear to God ima die.'" Read more in "Donna Martinez dies in police shooting, likely charges for passenger Bernard Trujillo." Continue to see more of September 2012's top 25 mug shots. Read more in "Taylor Rose, bicyclist, allegedly threatens driver with knife on way to methadone clinic." Read more in "Rickey Servine, private probation worker, accused of violent sex assault on client." Read more in "Demetrius Trujillo busted in Northglenn murder of Christopher Garduno (31)." Read more in "Seth Brigham, annoying Boulder critic: Indecent exposure arrest and more." Read more in "Joseph Nelson, who allegedly cut out dog's organs, eyeball: Plea-deal do-over." Continue to see more of September 2012's top 25 mug shots. Read more in "Michael Maher, fake firefighter: Looking for skanks, blasting Journey." Read more in "Rollin Oliver: Read probable cause statement of Officer Celena Hollis's accused killer." Read more in "Gary Haney, killed by SWAT team, was sex-mag publisher, former Big Daddy of Denver nightlife." Read more in "StandUp For Kids founder Richard Koca's child-sex-assault bust: Maybe more victims, cops fear." Read more in "David Grosse, retired Air Force chaplain, suspected of multiple sex assaults." Continue to see more of September 2012's top 25 mug shots. Read more in "Ryon Olthoff: Attempted murder beefs follow 911 call, visit to 7-Eleven, cop shootout." Read more in "James Holmes: Strange new mug shot, ten new counts -- and five more victims?" Read more in "Ricky Mayber, shmucky bank robber, gets busted -- thanks to his wife." Read more in "Gary Lee Davis: Colorado's last volunteer for the death penalty." Read more in "Marc Pereira, youth soccer coach, busted for sex assault on one of his players." Continue to see more of September 2012's top 25 mug shots. Read more in "Noel Bertrand found guilty of airport rape despite claiming rough sex." Read more in "Victor Sanders gets 34 years for pimping a sixteen year old." Read more in "Benjamin Szycher busted after racial-slurring, F-bombing, cop-punching outburst." Read more in "Dennis Esquibel busted in fatal Laura McDermott hit and run -- but was he the driver?" Read more in "Edward McMorris: Judge nixes felony charges in beating case of puppy named Tater."

More from our Mug Shots archive: "Photos: Twenty amazing mug shots of Denver con men from the 1920s."

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