Photos: Top eight Colorado flag tattoos

This evening, President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak at CU-Boulder -- and he's visiting on the sort of day beautiful enough to make even the most curmudgeonly Coloradan feel like pulling out the state flag. Then again, some people display the flag every day, as witnessed by the following examples of Colorado state flag tattoos. Count down our eight favorites below. Number 8: Despite what appears to have been a raging battle, this Colorado flag still waves. Number 7: The state symbol is accompanied by the latitude and longitude of where this guy was born. It's not only eye-catching, but educational! Page down to continue our Colorado state flag tattoo countdown. Number 6: This flag can be seen through the outline of an independent cross. That's one way of declaring your independence. Number 5: Tough luck, Raiders fans. You don't have a trademark on skulls and crossbones. Page down to continue our Colorado state flag tattoo countdown. Number 4: A very unusual design: The symbol seems to be breaking through a layer of skin. Extra points for placement on top of the foot. That's dedication. Number 3: This sock tattoo took twelve hours of work over the span of about two months -- and it was worth every minute. Page down to continue our Colorado state flag tattoo countdown. Number 2: An amazing amount of detail here. The tattoo so accurately mimes the folds of fabric that you may be tempted to try smoothing it out. Number 1: You don't need 3D glasses to dig the depth in the nature scene behind the symbol. Dive in.

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